Le “Grand 8” de l’art urbain, Street art show.

From June 1st to October 30th 2016 La Réserve Malakoff presents the street art show Le Grand 8.   This ancient industrial space has been occupied by 50 street artists who have created large scale installations.

Marseille Street Art Show

The Marseille Street Art Show 2016 is on from mai 19th to Agust 31. It happens at the Galerie Saint-Laurent in the site of the city’s “Marché aux Puces”. Featured artists are:  Alexandre d’Alessio, Bustart, Dale Grimshaw, Diamond, Joachim Romain, Inti, Lapinthur, Nhobi, Olivia de Bona, Pokras Lampas, RNST, Théo Lopez and Suriani.

It’s not personal, it’s GOMALAKKA!!!

Gomalakka started in 2005 in our university years. Originally conceived as a performance collectif it has taken the shape of a rock band through the years. Today Gomalakka is Ciça Brakka (singer and song writer), Ale Vergueiro (drums), Flavien Arker (bass) and Renato Maia (keyboards). Brakka’s lyrics go from post-feminist statements to love declarations. For thisContinue reading “It’s not personal, it’s GOMALAKKA!!!”

Latrice Royale and Milk in Sao Paulo!

In the last edition of the party Priscilla in Sao Paulo, I had the great pleasure to meet Latrice Royale and Milk in Sao Paulo and see them perform! Thank you to the organization of the party Priscilla, who invited me to participate with their portraits inside the club Blue Space. The party was unforgettable! Photos by Jéssica DallaContinue reading “Latrice Royale and Milk in Sao Paulo!”